The system at a glance

The system at a glance

WCPS is a flexible protection system for flush floor installation of contactless charging stations. The charging infrastructure can be used as a single solution or in combination with other flush-floor charging pads. WCPS combines optimum serviceability with pioneering charging technology, whether flush with the floor or in a rais

Flush with screed, seamlessly integrated

The screed-flush variant consists of two components: the charging protection housing, which accommodates the charging pad, and the heavy-duty duct, which reliably protects the cable. Both units are connected via a quick connector. We manufacture the protective enclosure from our specially developed heavy-duty PCX material. WCPS can be integrated in new construction and as a retrofit solution in existing buildings.

Raised floor solution for clean rooms

Clean rooms play a major role in the semiconductor industry in particular. This poses particular challenges for any integrated systems. We have developed a WCPS double-bottom variant to ensure the use of wireless charging technology in cleanroom environments. It is designed for a static wheel load of 0.5 t (5kN) and enables safe contactless charging, e.g. of cooperative robots (cobots) in cleanrooms. They do not have to leave the direct work areas for this.

This variant can also show its strengths in other areas with special hygiene requirements, such as medical research, the food industry, or optics and laser technology.

Ordering example in-ground system for inductive charging station

For a project, two inductive charging stations are to be retrofitted in a hall. These will be placed at strategically favorable points at different distances from the nearest supply point. A channel must lead around the corners to reach the position of the charging point.

  • A total of two charging points in the room
  • One of them is further than 3 m away from the supply point
  • One line must be laid at a 90° angle to reach the charging point

List of parts required:

1: 2x Load protection housing

2: 2x Connection heavy-duty duct

3: 1x Heavy-duty duct for extension

4: 1x Heavy-duty duct inner bend

5: 1x Heavy-duty duct outer bend

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