WCPS Systems The systems at a glance

WCPS is a flexible protection system for flush or near-floor installation of contactless charging stations. The charging infrastructure can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other flush-floor charging pads. WCPS combines optimum serviceability with pioneering charging technology, whether flush with the floor, in a raised floor or a flat plateau.

In-ground system

The screed-flush variant consists of two components: the charging protection housing, which accommodates the charging pad, and the heavy-duty duct, which reliably protects the cable. Both units are connected via a quick connector. We manufacture the protective enclosure from our own specially developed heavy-duty PCX material. WCPS can be integrated both in new construction and as a retrofit solution in existing buildings.

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Raised floor system

Clean rooms play a major role in the semiconductor industry in particular. This brings particular challenges for any integrated systems. To enable wireless charging technology to be used here as well, we have developed a WCPS raised floor variant. It is designed for a static wheel load of 0.5 t (5kN) and enables safe contactless charging, e.g. of cooperative robots (cobots) in clean rooms.

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Top floor plateau solution

In some areas it is not possible to make structural interventions in the floor. This is where our WCPS top floor plateau solution is suitable. The loading pad is recessed in a plateau only 21 mm high, the four sides of which are suitable for ascending or descending. The system is maximally flexible and can be repositioned or extended at any time. This means that you do not have to do without our wireless charging infrastructure in any environment.

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The advantages of the individual systems at a glance

All our WCPS systems enable uninterrupted operation of your automated guided vehicles through in-process charging. This way, they increase the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.

 In-ground-systemRaised floor solutionPlateau solution
 In-gound SystemRaised floor solutionPlateau solution
Uninterrupted material flow
Uncomplicated integration into any environment
Position can be changed subsequently
Can be driven over and through from any direction
No exposed cables1
Space saving
Easy maintenance
Flush with floor
Minimal installation effort
Meets the highest occupational safety requirements


1 Cables are covered by a R/W protective plate

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