Interview mit Capgemini Engineering über WCPS von PohlCon

Interview with Capgemini Enginieering

Contactless charging infrastructure as a transformation opportunity and efficiency driver. Energy supply embedded in the ground as a sustainable supply concept for robots in logistics and production companies.

Capgemini Engineering is a global leader in helping companies transform and reposition their businesses through the use of technology. As a global leader in engineering and R&D services, Capgemini Engineering helps its clients accelerate their journey to the Industry 4.0 era. Capgemini offers global expertise and capabilities in technology, software, agile development platforms and industrialised delivery models.

Felix Haubold leads multidisciplinary teams in various functions with the goal of implementing new functions and processes in the automotive industry, among others. He strives to improve efficiency and demonstrate new ways of mobility. His extensive international experience gives him a unique insight into processes around the world.

Companies are using new disruptive technology platforms as an opportunity for transformation in order to position themselves for the future in multidimensional competition. What are the main trends influencing the speed of transformation?

For many companies, transformation opportunities with rapid efficiency gains lie mainly in the area of automation. The drivers for the speed of implementation are, on the one hand, demographic change flanked by a lack of skilled workers, who are an important resource. Furthermore, customer requirements and products are becoming more individualized, which has an impact on production and logistics processes. The need for modular 
"fluid" processes is growing. The latter is also relevant, for example, when companies want to quickly gain a foothold in new sales markets and set up a quickly scalable ecosystem with a suitable production and logistics infrastructure.

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