[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Simulation von Visual Components mit WCPS von PohlCon

WCPS as planning module in Visual Components

With Visual Components, the type and planning of contactless energy provision with WCPS can now be harmonized with the given operating sequences in a process-safe manner.

With more than 2400 customers from the logistics and production sector, Visual Components is a reference for efficient planning and simulation solutions. The extensive planning library (eCatalog) currently includes over 2900 factory components from a wide range of well-known manufacturers and includes AGV and AMR systems, conveyors, machinery, production equipment and important other factory equipment. Visual Components OY, headquartered in Finland, is one of the leading manufacturers with the eponymous software solution for 3D production planning and assembly simulation.

WCPS comes with Visual Components Release 4.7

As of Visual Components Release 4.7, the efficient and contactless charging infrastructure WCPS from PohlCon is now also included in the planning library. The contactless in-ground charging infrastructure WCPS makes it possible to plan wireless charging processes in the running work process and to simulate the use in different layout scenarios. The advantages can be measured. Thanks to WCPS, robots can be charged whenever the work process provides for downtime due to value-added operations anyway - for example, when unloading goods onto a conveyor belt. Charging points can thus be integrated directly into the routes or close to the routes of the vehicles, where they are supplied with power whenever the work flow permits. Long, inefficient charging pauses and restricted zones in separate charging areas are now a thing of the past. Employees and other vehicles can easily cross the charging infrastructure integrated into the ground.

Whether end user, planner or system integrator - wherever automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are to be used in industrial and intralogistics areas as part of highly efficient and interlocked workflows, it is important to simulate the application before starting the project in order to define the most suitable overall setup for the intended use.

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