Interview mit TOYOTA Material Handling über WCPS von PohlCon

Interview with TOYOTA Material Handling

Optimal contactless charging infrastructure for efficient material flow.

Toyota Material Handling Europe is part of Toyota Industries Corporation, the world's number one material handling company since 2001. The production plant in Mjölby, Sweden, manufactures high-quality forklifts of various sizes and is one of the largest production facilities in the world, with 90,000 m2 and 1500 production employees.

In the interview project manager Marcus Johansson and Johannes Gustafsson from Toyota Material Handling's product engineering say: "The parallelization of the charging process with the robot's core tasks through the WCPS charging infrastructure is a huge advantage for us in terms of saving time and travel, as well as avoiding downtime."

Which processes/tasks do AGV's/MR's take over in your company's factory and which solutions have been used so far?

AGVs are deployed along our manufacturing island and form the backbone of our orchestrated material flow. Before installing PohlCon's WCPS wireless charging infrastructure, we charged our vehicles exclusively via cables or other conductive chargers. 

How should a sustainable material flow be organized?

We believe in an ecosystem of mixed fleet systems, such as the interaction of automated towing solutions and general cargo carriers, for example for palletized material in combination with autonomous forklifts in a warehouse complex. In the future, more AMR solutions will enable a much higher level of fully harmonized mixed fleet tasks. Collaboration is the key.

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