Wireless Charging Protection System

Wireless Charging Protection System

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Complex processes - simple solutions

Intralogistics is taking on an increasingly important role with rising demands on production and delivery times. More complex logistics processes with faster cycle times are the result. Loading pauses and robot loading locations have so far slowed down the overall process: Larger fleets are needed to cope with a large number of work orders and thus the requirements for maximum operational readiness.

WCPS offers a safe and simple solution for this. With the implementation of the "in-process charging" concept, the charge level of the vehicles can be maintained at a high level along the work cycle. The result: the same work output with a smaller fleet size and higher utilization. In short - more efficiency for the entire process through WCPS.

Small footprint - huge space gain

Until now, valuable space has had to be blocked off for separate areas to charge driverless transport systems. In many cases, the charging stations are also equipped with open contacts for the direct approach of the vehicles - a risk for electronics and occupational safety that is often countered with barrier areas.

WCPS replaces these separate loading zones and makes the previously fixed space accessible again for value-adding use. Thanks to the flush-floor integration of the compact units directly into the logistics areas, blocked spaces are a thing of the past. In addition, it increases the safety of people and vehicles to a maximum. The whole system is highly durable. 

One system - many users

Modern logistics and industrial facilities rarely get by with just one type or class of vehicle. Different transport systems often share routes and tasks. The WCPS is designed for such mixed traffic. Regardless of the type, battery or the vehicle's weight, all AGVs can be charged, provided they are equipped with the appropriate charging technology. The WCPS can be approached from all sides thanks to its flush-floor integration. The system thus creates total flexibility for the autonomous fleet.


WCPS in Twiserion Design Manager

In the Twiserion Design Manager from Asseco CEIT, our WCPS (Wireless Charging Protection System) will be included as a planning module from now on.

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[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Wiferion Stand auf der LogiMat zusammen mit PohlCon

With WCPS at the LogiMAT 2024

Europe's largest trade fair in the field of intralogistics opens its doors in March. Of course, the Wireless Charging Protection System WCPS will not be missing here.

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Interview with Prologis

Efficient use of space in logistics and production real estate - opportunities and solutions for companies in times of modernization through automation.

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Interview mit TOYOTA Material Handling über WCPS von PohlCon

Interview with TOYOTA Material Handling

Optimal contactless charging infrastructure for efficient material flow.

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[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Simulation von Visual Components mit WCPS von PohlCon

WCPS as planning module in Visual Components

With Visual Components, the type and planning of contactless energy provision with WCPS can now be harmonized with the given operating sequences in a process-safe manner.

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Interview mit Capgemini Engineering über WCPS von PohlCon

Interview with Capgemini Enginieering

Contactless charging infrastructure as a transformation opportunity and efficiency driver. Energy supply embedded in the ground as a sustainable supply concept for robots in logistics and production companies.

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Contactless charging with a strong partner

Wiferion is the leading solution provider for mobile, wireless energy supply for industrial e-vehicles. The company's scalable, modular energy systems are based on the etaLINK 3000 and etaLINK 12000 inductive charging system, supplemented by battery modules. These are optimized specifically for use in Wiferion's etaLINK wireless chargers.
With our Wireless Charging Protection System, we provide the customized enclosure for your wireless charging system for the robust, durable, and safe integration of Wiferion's etaLINK system.

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